About Us
Joseph Mazzeo Legal Costing
  • is a boutique law firm, practising exclusively in legal costs
  • provides a professional, comprehensive legal costs service
  • will manage your exposure to legal costs so that you obtain the best outcome for your company and for your client.
  • is unique in having a significant presence in both the Melbourne and Sydney legal markets.

Our Approach

Our aim at Joseph Mazzeo Legal Costing is to ensure that you obtain the maximum return for your legal work.Conversely, where costs are to be paid to a third party, Joseph Mazzeo Legal Costing will assist you to minimise the amount payable. You can expect “bespoke” legal costing services – tailored to suit your individual requirements.

We are a trusted advisor to many law firms and to a number of significant corporations with legal costs exposures.

We deal with the full range of legal costs disputes, from high volume personal injury or transport accident matters to large and complex proceedings in the State and Federal Courts.

We have acted in some of the largest, high profile legal costs matters including the C7 proceedings in the Federal Court; the work choices proceedings in the High Court; and numerous class actions, including the GIO class action; the Vitamins class action; and the Aristocrat class action.

At the conclusion of any litigation we can assist your legal firm to establish a strategy to deal with ongoing legal costing issues.

We utilise our knowledge and experience to bring a fresh approach to each new task.

We apply our expertise to enable you to decide if claims for third party legal costs are fair and reasonable.

We assist in recovery and/or payment of costs at the completion of the litigation.